3 wheel electric Lanla Strong structure Can be used everywhere, whether to send - send tourists. Luggage in the resort
Or according to tourist attractions No smoke and air pollution becauseUse electricity 100% Safe and safe

  • Easy to drive
  • 1 year battery warranty
  • 3 year motor warranty
  • Home repair


Number of batteries per vehicle 4 children
Battery type LEAD ACID BATTERY GS Deep cycle (water battery)
Voltage / electric capacity Spec 48 Volt 150
Duration of battery charge 3-8 hours
The motor 3000 W.
Payload (Kg) (kg.) 600
Top speed (Kilometers / hour) (km./h) 25
Continuous running distance (Kilometers) (km.) 40-50
Car size (width x length x height) (centimeters) (cm.) 145x435x205 cm.
Front tire 5.00-10 inches, without inner tubes
Outer rear tire 155x170x12
Front / rear brake system Rear drum brake
gear Forward / backward
Front light, brake light have
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