There are production and assembly plants in Thailand.


Genuine parts assembled in Thailand from the Yuda service center.


Standard equipment for Juda


Have their own delivery service team and professional repairman

Electric tricycle

Yuda Motor

Electric car 100% from Yuda factory Made in Thailand There is after-sales service. All vehicles are assured. 100% delivery to

Our team

Electric vehicle design Production control and design by electrical engineers, structural engineers for the production of electric vehicles.

We care

There is a full service center. There are important spare parts for all models. There is a warranty for the battery, electric motor, there is a service technician at home.

We have skilled technicians.

Home repair service Basic usage demonstration And customers in other provinces can order parts to be changed by themselves

Notify for repair

086-367-8311, 084-698-8880
Open Monday-Saturday from 8.00-17.00 hrs.

Parts for electric trains

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