Jumbo GT Model G


3 wheel electric JUMBO GT model G The sporty shape is unique and can be carried.
1 + 2 seats, no smoke and air pollution becauseUse electricity 100% Safe and safe

  • Easy to drive
  • 1 year battery warranty
  • 3 year motor warranty
  • Home repair


Number of batteries per vehicle 4 children
Battery type LEAD ACID BATTERY battery pack 12v. 20Ah.
Voltage / electric capacity 48-60v./ 20Ah.
Duration of battery charge 3-8 hours
The motor 500 W.
Payload (Kg) (kg.) 350
Top speed (Kilometers / hour) (km./h) 30
Continuous running distance (Kilometers) (km.) 25-30
Car size (width x length x height) (centimeters) (cm.) 90x225x170
Car seat size Get 2 seats
Front / rear tires Tubeless
Front tire 10-3.00 tubeless
Outer rear tire 10-3.00 tubeless
Front / rear brake system Disk brake / disk brake
gear Forward / backward
Up the steep slope 15 degrees
Registration Not
The production Made in Thailand (The only person in Thailand)
Service Fix the car to home throughout the lifetime.
Parts Have all spare parts (for current model)
Other Sunshade
About the company The company opened its business for the 10th year.
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